The Legend of Zelda Animated Movie We’ll Never Get

Zelda x Ghibli – Artistry at it’s finest.

Last week, Matt Vince posted what is possibly the most beautiful incarnation of ‘Zelda Movie’ I’ve ever seen. I’ve never wanted something to become a reality so much before. It’s a Studio Ghibli and Legend of Zelda crossover that looks incredible. Right, no more talk – here it is:

Simply stunning… right! The teeny details are what get me – the chicken, the shopkeeper and more. It’s a wondrous, magical beauty that I want to see as an actual Ghibli film. The music was marvellous and I genuinely think that Ghibli could serve the source material justice.

Although I highly doubt that it will ever get made… a man can dream. Keep an eye on the incredibly talented Matt Vince – I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more amazing animation from him in the future.

What do you guys think? If you haven’t watched it, do it now! It at least washes out the taste of that IGN April Fools a few years back.



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