The Trail – Review

Fresh off The Trail

The Trail is a game that takes you deep into a land unknown. It takes you, pioneering traveller, and sets you on a journey to the town of Eden Falls where you may build yourself a home worthy of settling down in the new world.

As of late Peter Molyneux has been quietly hammering and tinkering at smaller Indie titles. Taking a break from his Fable/Black & White yesteryear he has shifted his focus to his own studio 22Cans. The (un?)legendary designer hasn’t had the best view in the public eye with shifty development on Fable sequels but his new little game is different… and actually pretty decent… really I’m not joking!

If you are like me (handsome, sarcastic, and constantly have a full workload) you’ll need to find something to help you escape the daily grind of reality. But that is why we game, is it not? To let go for a bit and let ourselves become immersed in other worlds and stories that easily conquer our tired bones. Yet finding the time to spend on campaign missions or tallying the hours up on desktop only RPG’s is exhausting to me right now and coming across one that keeps my attention of the road is seldom come by.

So when this little game showed up in the App Store, I didn’t get my hopes up. Akin to games like Journy it takes a very basic storyline and makes it the be all and end all of the experience; reach the town from the coast, there’s a good lad. But The Trail is so much more than just that…

For starters the graphic artwork. Oh boy, the artwork used in this game is gorgeous. Jagged and almost glued together yet whimsically charming. The scenery to the up close character profiles are so aesthetically pleasing that it sheds reality away gently. I mean; look at that:

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The progression of the game is non-plus (though it doesn’t say it on the tin, all you have to do is just keep walking, just keep walking, just keep walking) so the only real brainpower you need to put into game play are when you take a seat at one of the many campsites found on the Trail. Ha. I subtly added the game title… See what I did there? Anyway, the camps are respite areas where you gain awareness of how far you have travelled with an added tidbit about Eden Falls’ beauty at each stop. This is where other travellers take time to relax, gain back their stamina, and sell and replenish the goods found on the way. This is the place for trading with other pioneers and craft items for your journey. Such as an axe, better looking moccasins, all matters of clothing, and more.

This is a simple game that lets the player drift away from the monotony of daily life for a couple of fifteen minute spells here and there. The only downside to the game per say is the lack of empathy and compassion your character has. It is a game for your phone to kill time on, yes. But there was a moment there on the Trail (Ha. Got it in again) where a traveller keels over in front of us and the lovely Scottish guide suggests we full on ignore this poor man, or rob him. So… yeah.

All in all…

3.5 outta 5


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