Oxenfree – Let’s Play: Part 2

Groundhog Day

Here we are again for another episode of our Let’s Play series following Oxenfree. This week we have more strange triangle lights and demonic creatures… but the weirdest thing – time looping. Here we are again for another episode… wait, I just said that! (See what I did there? Hah…)

Right, let’s just get straight to the episode below:

First thing’s first – apologies again for the frame rate drops. The problem does not lie with the game itself as I tested it without my recording going on and it was perfect.

For Episode 1 click here now!

Now let’s get to talking about that crazy time-looping madness that is clearly just beginning! Something deeper is going on here for sure. The creature seems to mention Maggie Adler as if it knows… knew her. Using Ren as a host didn’t prove faultless for it either but it posed more questions – is the creature someone who lived on the island, is it Maggie, is it more than just a singular as it uses the term ‘we’? 

So many more questions arise and of course, this early on, none are answered. The time looping is focussed on Alex – did she loop back way further than she assumed? The ball on the floor (yes as Jonas mentions the company probably made more of those balls) brought back memories for Alex… did she loop back to when she was younger? It’s definitely a possibility. 

The creature seems to be directing all of it’s speech to Alex herself as well and at one point both Ren and Jonas are passed out on the ground, in fact Jonas seems increasingly hazy by the time-looping and even needs to be told that they are in a loop. Does the creature know Alex?

Everything that happens poses a question but the narrative of the game so far is keeping me hooked. I’m a man who hates questions and mysteries (dare I say… I love spoilers) but the happenings on Edwards Island intrigue me to play rather than make me itch towards Google – something not many games have conquered over my thirst to know everything as soon as possible. Kudos, Night School Studio.

Stay tuned next week for Episode 3. As always, thank you for joining me in this journey into the unknown.



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