What is the ctrl pad?

Founded by two geeky guys as an outlet to give our opinions and views on all things gaming, comics, movies and tv. All we want to do is give readers a different, more down to earth look at things. We aren’t some big company who want to give you reviews and previews of big-game titles or summer blockbusters – but rather we just want to chat about random geeky subjects.

Founded in 2016, we are a fresh new site, so you’ll have to give us time to build up and iron out the kinks. None of the writers are paid, all of us doing this in our spare time simply because we enjoy the subject matter.

Thank you for visiting us!

We are always looking for volunteer contributors to help with the blog. We eventually want this to be a community driven affair that helps everyone have an outlet to create a portfolio themselves. If you feel like you want to help, head over to the Contact page and send us a message.