Oxenfree – Let’s Play: Part 2

Groundhog Day

Here we are again for another episode of our Let’s Play series following Oxenfree. This week we have more strange triangle lights and demonic creatures… but the weirdest thing – time looping. Here we are again for another episode… wait, I just said that! (See what I did there? Hah…) Continue reading “Oxenfree – Let’s Play: Part 2”

Stockport Comic-Con: Small town, big heart.

Step aside Stockport County FC!

Coming Sunday 13th November to small-town, big hearted Stockport, Manchester is Unleashed Events Comic-Con. Not only is it actually sounding pretty decent but we also get to see Stockport County’s football ground turned into a nerdtopia for the day… and that I’ve gotta see!

At least I can finally find out if Han really did shoot first!

Following the event I hope to express how I found the experience. It’s actually a pretty important day… I really hope it’s a more intimate and community driven affair. I know a lot of people that are going personally and I want it to succeed; not just because it’s my hometown, but it will really bring a great bunch of friendly and like-minded people together. So… stay tuned for all the shenanigans to follow!


The Legend of Zelda Animated Movie We’ll Never Get

Zelda x Ghibli – Artistry at it’s finest.

Last week, Matt Vince posted what is possibly the most beautiful incarnation of ‘Zelda Movie’ I’ve ever seen. I’ve never wanted something to become a reality so much before. It’s a Studio Ghibli and Legend of Zelda crossover that looks incredible. Continue reading “The Legend of Zelda Animated Movie We’ll Never Get”

15th Anniversary – Nostalgic Gamecube Games

Happy 15th Birthday Gamecube!

With the 15th Anniversary of the Gamecube fast approaching I couldn’t help but reminisce about all the great titles the console had. Continue reading “15th Anniversary – Nostalgic Gamecube Games”