Tuesdays night rings with the sound of the fallen heroes as the North East Smash Arena hits us up for their weekly open Tournaments Newcastle: Siege.



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Wednesday nights are all about the perfect shift and taking the tightest line in our weekly Gran Turismo Sport F.I.A. night.

Pay for a qualifying hour then represent The CTRL Pad around the weeks selected track using the GT OMEGA Racing Rigs with Logitech G29’s.

There is also the manufacturers championship once the F.I.A. racing is done as well as some head to head challenges against the other competitors.


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For an alternative to video gaming come join our  Dungeon Master on a Wednesday for his weekly quest as he looks to take you on a quest through the depths of the under dark to the cloud topped topped cities of the giants.

To join the adventure its only £7 for the entire night and a you get a choice of a soft drink, tea or coffee on entry.



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Thursday nights we alternate a between an Apex: Legends 3 man, most eliminations tournament and a Fighting Game Community Night with Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken 7 the main contenders, we also open up our back catalogue of fighting games for those looking to settle some older scores!

Entry is £8 per person , practice starts at 6pm and the tournaments first round begins at 7pm.

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