War Dragons – Review

War, what is it good for? Dragons… that’s what!

Safe to say that most people are into dragons, yes? Monolith sky reptiles, often depicted to be spitting fire out their mouths – spraying past fangs of varied length and tenacity – onto small peaceful villages, or toward armour-clad heroes far too slow in realising what a stupid mistake they’ve made taking one on. Shields do not help in real life, if a dragon were to attack you. Wear an astronautical suit, dummy. Fire proof. Fight fire with Sci-Fi.

 War Dragons is a 3D strategy game that provides the dread of ever looming danger a fiery airstrike instils, whilst giving you the power of fierce fire breathers by way of defense; it also grants you the impossible opportunity to birth, breed, and grow yourself a faithful reptilious sky armada to do battle with. Available for all of your mobile devices, this app is a must have for fantasy lovers.

First, the story; as this game is online only, where many of the attributes and highlights are found in the online experience, why attempt at adding a decent story line?
Your power hungry uncle goes out of his maniacal way to kill your family, to achieve a better place in line for the throne, and you have the gaul to survive and escape the country of your youth. Some years later, you return. Ironclad and angry in search of vengeance, and to take your rightful place on the throne.
With the aid of those still loyal to your immediate family’s claim and those rebelling from under your uncle’s reign, you learn the ways of war and what it will take to reclaim your birthright. Also, dragons are involved.

It isn’t a tale worthy of the ages, but you’ve got to appreciate the creative buffer offered between battles. The creators of the game have gone one step further and have authored a book (All Things Burn) that ties in with the WarDragons universe. Hell yes, literature to go along with a mobile gaming app. Well done, PocketGems.


Secondly, the dragons; what is a war waged with dragons without the dragons? A war all the same, yes, but less fiery! Though you start out in the game with one dragon, you quickly assemble more. Having the ability to cross-breed species is an enticing one that offers terrifying results.

The dragons that you breed, train, fight with, are all incredibly cool, three-dimensional, killing fire-breathers. Customisation adds another layer onto this already badass gaming experience.

Add barricades and defences to you isle. Do deadly battle with other uses of the game. Take on Gustav, and for the sake of your legacy, win.


This game is for; the dragon tamer in all of us, the adventurous, and the strategically minded player. Join players from across the world in ferocious battle.

Recommended time frame before deletion; ongoing game, 50hr+


Chameleon Run – Review

Cool Runnings

Think of a minimalist Mario Jump; married with heightened sensitivity to the very physics of the game, funk based theme music, and a cache of complex jump combos, and a constantly altering terrain – then you can imagine what Chameleon Run is like.

Apologies for mentioning the Nintendeon plumber who lives in a messed up, sometimes upside down, 2Dimensional parkour world. But chances are that if you are going to make a side view sprinting game with an obstacle course set between you and your goal; it is going to be referenced, and held under scrutiny of its 8-bit forbears.


That being said; Hyperbolic Magnetism have done a really good job with this game. The minimalism and simplistic views the graphics provide are extremely satisfying to run through as you run through the tutorials/the whole game.
 Blurred outlines of colossal cuboids, cones pyramids, and cubes protruding out of nothingness in the background; the top and bottom of the gaming frames are obscured by hazy pools of forbidden entry. Forever keeping you running the 3Dimensional gauntlet in front of you.

Your run is set on an angle so as to better see the world (or lack thereof) that surrounds you. As you run, you are subject to length way laden hurdles varying pink and yellow. The same colours of your attire. Yellow clothing permits you to run along the yellow bricks, so as pink clothing allows you passage on the pink bricks. Failure to change clothes in time, or hitting the ground/darkened bricks, results in your demise. Crumbling into tiny cubes, strewn upon the visceral landscape. So best lead with your best foot forward and your reflexes keenly attuned to your surroundings as this game only has one speed; fast.


Hyperbolic Magnetism indie game developers based out the Czech Republic, have really hit the big time this last year (2016) with their plenty of games available for all mobile device platforms. Titles such as Lums, Oh My Heart, Temple of Ra, and many others tailored for the on goers, the restless, the ones in need of respite from the daily. Aided by fellow indie game developers/indie game publishers Noodlecake Games based out of Canada, this team up needs to continue. Such brilliance in this one game must bleed into other projects soon.

This game is for; gauntlet runners, those who minor in physics, and people interested in a modern take on an old arcade gaming format (right hand, jump; left hand, switch colours).

Recommended time frame before deletion: 34hrs.


The Trail – Review

Fresh off The Trail

The Trail is a game that takes you deep into a land unknown. It takes you, pioneering traveller, and sets you on a journey to the town of Eden Falls where you may build yourself a home worthy of settling down in the new world.

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